Gunning For A Logo Sting

Project Brief

After setting up the basic website for Doncaster Airgun Range, owners Brian & Leanne were wanting to shoot promotional and training videos. Wanting a professional image in these videos, they were interested in the logo stings that Gimme Media provide. We only needed to provide one option, as this fitted perfectly the style of their business. The hardest part was the accompanying audio sting - but again, we "hit the target" with this.


One day from initial meeting.

Conceptual Design Samples

Video Logo Sting Doncaster Airgun Range
Doncaster Airgun Range
Video Logo Sting Doncaster Airgun Range


This was a fairly easy video sting to produce - the bullet crashing into the object fitted perfectly to the style of business. The logo sting wasn't particularly long (8 seconds), which was exactly what Brian & Leanne wanted.

We created a bullet firing into a sphere which had the Doncaster Airgun Range logo on it - the logo exploding into pieces - before reforming into the original sphere with logo.

A business logo sting that was short, simple but visually effective. The hardest part was deciding on the audio sting. Because the sting was short, there wasn't much to play with for the timings - so we again went simple, a bullet firing sound with glass breaking, and then a simple digital suction noise as the logo reformed. Again, simple but very effective.

Logo Sting

[videogallery id="doncaster-airgun-range-logo-sting"]


Project Planning 98%
Video Animation 100%
Audio 97%
Deadline 100%

Clients Thanks

When it comes to websites, videos and business things in general- we always run things past Toby - he seems to have an endless knowledge of these things. We love the video sting he produced, very professional and just what we wanted. We aren't sure how he produced it so quickly, but he did and it's brilliant.

Leanne Rose - Doncaster Airgun Range