Roller Banners Pack A Punch

Project Brief

To create and print 2 x roller banners that would be used as an entrance for boxers who were taking part in a Charity Boxing Event. The banners were to give key information about the USP's of the event.

Both banners were to be the same design, in full colour and include imagery (not supplied).


5 days - from brief to delivery of print.

Brief was given on the Monday, delivery of the roller banners needed to be Friday, ready for the event on Sunday.

Conceptual Design Samples

ladies charity boxing concept 1
ladies charity boxing concept 2

Due to the tight deadline, only 2 concepts were submitted to the Ladies Charity Boxing company


The tight deadline was the biggest challenge, with no margin of error due to the event being held at the weekend. As this was the first show the company had done for women, existing photography was out of the question, so stock imagery had to be used. Existing stock photography used for their website tended to be landscape in orientation - we needed portrait. Images were purchased and background removed in Photoshop.

The key selling points were already established, so it was just a case of setting the artwork and after a few tweaks, the clients went with Concept 2.

The files were sent to the printers on the Tuesday and after a bit of begging and sweet talking, we had delivery of the print on the Thursday lunch time - well in time for the event on the Sunday.


Graphic Design 92%
Project Planning 98%
Deadline 100%

Clients Thanks

An oversight by us meant we asked the impossible of Gimme Media in producing the roller banners. We expected to pay a high premium for such as rush job, but were shocked that the final price was less than what we paid normally for our other fight shows. The designs produced were fantastic and on the day of the show the banners looked amazing.

Jane Whiehurst - Ladies Charity Boxing