For many businesses, a website is often the first point of contact for a potential client. Having a website that delivers your sales message, as well as looking professional is essential.

It is very easy to lose business by having a website that looks unprofessional (a possible reflection on your work), have poorly written content, not compatible with mobile devices or slow to load.

At Gimme Media, we take all of this on board, as well as a multitude of other factors, specific to your business. If your website doesn't work for you, we haven't done our job right - and we don't like that.


social networkWith the meteoric rise of Social Media over the last decade, it is hard to ignore it from a business perspective. Working in conjunction with your overall marketing plan, it can be a super effective sales funnel.

If you don't have a Social Media presence at the moment, we can get you up and running in no time, picking the right Social platforms for your business, whilst showing you the basics to get you started.

If you already market through Social Media, we can help you maximise your efforts, bringing to you new methods of attracting new business.


copywriting teamCreating well written, relevant copy can be one of the most challenging areas of your marketing. Understanding how your customers think and react to written content is essential. Get it wrong and your potential customer can soon become your competitors customer.

Gimme Media take this pressure off you. With experienced copy writers, specialising in SEO and conversion content, we will get your sales message across loud and clear. We give you that edge over competitors, whilst developing lasting relationships with your clients.

Great copy that works for you! We're only a call away.


If you are using videos in your marketing plan, then you are one very big step ahead of your competition. They say that "a photo paints a thousand words", but a video shows a thousand pictures.

It's a bold claim, but one that we at Gimme Media firmly believe to be true. Long gone are the days of a boring, dull, badly put together video that was just hung out there on YouTube for people to hopefully stumble upon.

We give you eye catching, interactive, lead generating videos, optimised across a number of platforms, tailored to compliment your existing marketing efforts.


The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.