Charity Boxing Print Package

Project Brief

To create and print Print Package compromising a series of leaflets plus a promotional folder that should advertise the Ladies Charity Boxing company and the benefits of women taking part will get.

Four of the leaflets artwork would also be used for promotional posters and therefore the design should take into account that USP's could be seen at distance. Three of these four leaflets would be generic to every area that fights would take place and one leaflet would be date and event specific. The 5th leaflet would be used to promote Corporate Sponsorship packages and therefore would only be produced in leaflet format (USP's therefore would not need to be as prominent).

Smaller leaflets would also be required for the day of the show, placed on the tables where people would watch the boxing matches.

The promotional folder should contain basic USP's as the main information would be added onto individual leaflets placed inside the folder.


Five Promotional A4 leaflets and Four A3 Posters - 14 days

Presentation Folder - 7 days

Show Day A6 Cards - 2 days

Conceptual Design Samples

Ladies Charity Boxing Five Leaflets
Ladies Charity Boxing Folder
Ladies Charity Boxing Cards


The five leaflets and posters were designed in the first 7 days and after a day of wording tweaks, it took 4 days for them all to be printed and delivered. As with the roller banners, stock imagery had to be used as this was the first Ladies show that they had put on. A strong image was needed to draw the viewer in as well as the use of some emotive USP's.

The folder was designed within a day, approved the following day and printed within 2 days. The front of the folder was fairly limited of USP's as these would be handed to the participants directly and had no real reason to push the USP's. Basic information was then included on the inner pages with basic contact info on the reverse. It was decided by the client that a simple folder without a pocket mechanism was sufficient - effectively an oversize 4pp A4 folder.

The event table leaflets were designed on the Wednesday night, approved on the Thursday and printed and picked up on the Friday before the show. This was mainly due to requiring a group photograph of the final boxers, taken on the Wednesday evening on "match-up night". Snippets of participants testimonials of their training along with a pencil image of the group were used to give a personal leaflet to this particular show - rather than the generic designs of the other leaflets and folders.

Print Specifications

5 x A4 Leaflets
4 colour process to one side one, 170gsm Gloss Art

4 x A3 Posters
4 colour process to one side only, 170gsm Gloss Art

4 colour process + Machine sealer throughout, 350gsm Silk Art, Creased and folded

A6 Event Table Cards
4 colour process + Machine sealer throughout, 350gsm Silk Art


Graphic Design 97%
Project Planning 98%
Photoshop 95%
Deadline 100%

Clients Thanks

Not only were the designs fantastic, but the quality of the print was superb. Everything was produced earlier than the deadlines we gave. We really couldn't have asked for any better service with the design, the scheduling and the quality of the print.

Jane Whiehurst - Ladies Charity Boxing